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IRS Approved Continuing Education Provider Policies

          Internal Revenue Service Approved Continuing Education Provider Requirement Compliance: It is the policy of Algorithm LLC, as an IRS Approved Continuing Education Provider—

  1. To provide programs designed to enhance professional knowledge in Federal taxation, Federal tax related matters, including ethics, consistent with the Internal Revenue Code and principles of effective tax administration,
  2. To provide programs developed by individual(s) qualified in the subject matter,
  3. To provide programs utilizing material specifically developed for instruction use; general professional literature and IRS publications will be used only to supplement specific course materials,
  4. To provide programs complying with topic requirements for relevant audience (e.g., continuing education programs for enrolled retirement plan agents must be designed to enhance professional knowledge in qualified retirement plan matters),
  5. To provide programs having accurate and current content,
  6. To update programs at least annually to ensure accuracy and consistency with then current accepted standards relating to program subject matter,
  7. To use instructors or discussion leaders qualified with respect to program content and possessing demonstrable teaching and communication skills,
  8. To provide programs including means for participants to evaluate the technical content and presentation of the program material,
  9. To provide programs measured in contact hours (50 minutes constituting one contact hour), with credit granted only for a full contact hour,
  10. To issue program Certificates of Completion bearing a qualified continuing education program number issued by the IRS to each individual successfully completing program requirements,
  11. To maintain records to verify participants who attended and completed each program for a period of four years following completion of the program,
  12. To submit CE program participation data by PTIN holder to the IRS using the format, timing, and instructions prescribed by the Return Preparer Office, and
  13. To renew its status as an IRS-approved continuing education provider on an annual basis for each year Algorithm LLC intends to offer IRS continuing education programs, using forms and guidance prescribed by the IRS.



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