Algorithm LLC is an IRS Approved e-File Provider

          Algorithm LLC is now an IRS approved e-File provider. However, how Dr. Jenkins became approved by the IRS as Algorithm's responsible official is a story worth reading.

          Dr. Jenkins applied to the Internal Revenue Service as the responsible party for his firm, Algorithm LLC, to become an IRS authorized e-file provider. Prior to its e-file provider application response, the agency had approved Algorithm LLC (RDAWB) as a continuing education provider based on Jenkins’ academic credentials.

          On May 22, 2015, however, the Internal Revenue Service responded to the Algorithm LLC e-file provider application by rejecting it. The basis for the rejection was the Federal Bureau of Investigation report on Jenkins’ criminal background. 

          On June 3, 2015, Jenkins filed a timely appeal of the IRS May 22, 2015 rejection of the Algorithm LLC e-file provider application to the agency’s Office of Appeals. In the appeal, Dr. Jenkins alleged the IRS knew it had participated with him in his federal and state civil, bankruptcy, and criminal proceedings in furtherance of the Supreme Court of the United States’ historic exercise of supervisory powers to correct illegal conduct in the courts.

          In support of the appeal, Dr. Jenkins submitted his affidavit and supporting exhibits. Dr. Jenkins also cited published court decisions from both the Arizona Court of Appeals and the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit involving matters relating to the litigation.

          A month later, Dr. Jenkins received the IRS appeal decision dated August 6, 2015, which stated in material part, “After careful consideration of the facts presented, we have concluded the issue(s) have been resolved, therefore you may participate in IRS e-file.”

          This is the first authoritative acknowledgement of Dr. Jenkins’ claim his criminal conviction had been obtained by a fraud on the court and of IRS and his involvement in the Supreme Court’s supervisory powers assault against organized corruption in the courts by and through Dr. Jenkins’ civil, bankruptcy, and criminal proceedings and matters leading to same. The appeal, Dr. Jenkins’ affidavit, and IRS letters of communication are available below for your review.

Internal Revenue Service Acknowledges Involvement in Jenkins Related Judicial Martial Law Activities
IRS EFIN Appeal Docs.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [976.9 KB]

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